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  Today, there are many ways to have beautiful and healthy hands and creativity has no limits. Beautiful fingers are an indispensable complement to a perfect look. There are different designs available which you can experiment and have it on your fingers.
  To have beautiful hands is not necessarily need to go to a beauty salon. This can be done at home using some kits available on the market. The easiest way is to use polish in different colors, nail art brushes and with imagination you can get amazing results. Also you can use stamps, decals, piercing and many other accessories in various combinations.
  A little more complicated and more expensive is to use the airbrush technique which requires an airbrush system.
  Even with gel and acrylic can be achieved outstanding results at home with some practice and attention. In this case is recommended to do some courses to learn the technique quickly and accurately.
  For safety and outstanding results we have to go to a beauty salon, where a nailartist will help us to have the dream manicure.



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